Episode 2: Understanding Whiteness

In the first episode, we talked about what is at the root of misunderstandings and the snap judgements we make about people based entirely on the information we’re provided about their outward identities. Those outward identities never tell the full story about who that person is behind the seen, and when we’re confronted with those misunderstandings it creates tension between what we think we know and what actually is.

And when a whole bunch of people live together who share a bunch of commonalities related to economic status, religion, and ethnicity, they develop social norms as general guidelines for living together in a geographically defined area. In the United States, we might call that “Whiteness”–and this isn’t in reference to the skin color so much as a social construct. In this episode, we discuss the history of Whiteness and its implications on us today.

*What you’re listening to is raw, unedited dialogue. Views expressed in this podcast are our own.

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