A journalist and a therapist/advisor—one white, one black—engage in raw discussions around racially charged current events. What is our reaction to those events and why? What do we do with these issues in a constructive way? Behind the Seen is a nonpartisan effort to promote harmony by highlighting our shared humanity and examining innate biases that lurk behind our outward identities. You won’t find shame here, only serious questions and honest answers. Sometimes we might not like what we find and that’s fine, so long as we seek to understand the reason for our discomfort and move toward healthy resolutions.

Mark Bauer, producer and co-host, is a journalist with experience at a variety of legal, lifestyle and travel publications. He’s regularly asking why things are the way they are—and whether they have to stay that way? His curiosity about bias was spurred by the realization that if the world sometimes said untrue things about him, then he must also sometimes believe things about others that are untrue. What are these misunderstandings? Why do we believe them? And how do these misunderstandings get in the way of meaningful relationship? Born and raised in Arlington, TX, Mark graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in journalism and minor in philosophy. He lives in North Texas and is an Independent candidate for Congress.

Branden Polk, co-host, Branden is the CEO and Founder of Arrowhead Advising. As an innovator, social reformer, public speaker, writer, counselor, and creative artist, Branden has dedicated his life to advocacy for the most vulnerable, the developing of transformational leaders, and to changing the way society addresses today’s most sensitive topics such as race, sexuality, criminal justice, education, faith, and more. He has also consulted for organizations such as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Harvard University, the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission, and The Clapham Group. Branden is a graduate of The College of William & Mary and George Mason University.


Social Media Manager
Joy Dyer
is a copywriter with a focus on developing the voice behind a brand. She’s responsible for making Behind the Seen look pretty on Instagram and our other social channels. She regularly contributes to various online magazines and is experienced in graphic design, illustration and typography. Growing up biracial, in a blended family, she’s had a long-held desire to promote understanding and healing between people with outward and cultural differences. Being most passionate about inspiring others and creating, she uses her background in communications, music and design to reach people through her writing and art. She is a University of Nevada, Las Vegas graduate with a degree in Communication Studies.

Community Manager
Emma Voigt is a management consultant with experience in international education, refugee resettlement, entrepreneurship and community development. She is committed to building on each experience in order to contribute her skills in areas where she can make a positive impact by promoting dialogue. Emma grew up in central Illinois and calls central New York home. She holds a Bachelor’s from Cazenovia College as well as a Master’s of Social Science and a Certificate of Advance Study in Conflict Resolution from Syracuse University.

Bias is innate. It’s written on our DNA, passed down from thousands of years of generations. But that doesn’t mean we have to be a slave to it.