Episode 1: Understanding Misunderstanding


For this first episode, we introduce who we are, discuss what we’re trying to accomplish and lay some ground rules for the rest of the series.

Ultimately, what we’re trying to do is contribute to dialogue that will help produce racial harmony. We know that there are still terribly, dark, hateful and racist people in the world, but our goal isn’t necessarily to talk to them. The people we’re trying to reach are the ones in the center, where we believe there’s more ignorance than animus, where their perplexity has led to disengagement on the topic.

To open the series, we start by asking questions around why we continue to make snap judgments about people’s outward characteristics, and offer some practical tips for navigating the conflict that arises when what we think we know about someone doesn’t align with what actually is.

*What you’re listening to is raw, unedited dialogue. Views expressed in this podcast are our own.

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