S2 Ep. 1: Being Human | #BeSeen

Welcome back to Season 2 of Behind the Seen! We kick off season 2 with an episode on what it means to be human. A lot of our experience as humans involves stumbling through life trying to figure out what, exactly, makes us tick. What makes us happy. And we have to do this while simultaneously fighting off identities that the world wants to put on us. But we’re never really able to fully comprehend because we have different things competing for our attention.  How does this factor into racial justice? External conflicts emanate from internal conflict. We quiet our internal conflict by embracing life’s greatest paradox: We have to lose our life to find it. When we take our gaze off of ourselves long enough to observe the hurt in someone else, we are fully able to see ourselves. That self-emptying, while it contradicts every base human urge within us, really does lead to a joy that surpasses anything external object we could acquire—whether it’s fame, fortune or success.  What identities do you need to lay down in order to #BeSeen?

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